Topo Maps+

Dream Less, Adventure More

Go Deeper Into the Backcountry

Bring peace of mind: maps & GPS work offline.

Download Maps

Easily download USGS, Glacier Topo, Satellite, and Thunderforest topographic maps so you can use the maps offline while deep in the backcountry.

View Your Location

Use your iPhone's GPS to view your current location, even when you don't have a cell signal.

Works Offline

GPS and downloaded maps work even without an internet connection so you can use Topo Maps+ deep in the backcountry.

Remember Important Locations

Add waypoints at important locations, like where you parked, so you can navigate to those locations.

Over 500,000 Trails

Topo Maps+ has trail data for over 500,000 trails. Just tap on a trail to see distances and elevation profiles. Don't want to exactly follow the trail, no problem. The trails interact with your own traced routes so you can easily explore custom routes. In the wild, trails are not isolated segments between two points, they are a network of interconnected paths with numerous possible routes. Topo Maps+ lets you explore any possible route through a trail network.

USGS Topo Maps

The Ultimate US Backcountry Map

The USGS 7.5 minute topographic maps are the gold standard for backcountry maps in the USA.

For Serious Hikers

Topo Maps+ was designed for serious hikers who love to go deep into backcountry and get as far away from a cell signal as possible. Whether you enjoy pounding out the miles day after day or relaxing at high alpine lakes, Topo Maps+ can help you get there and back again.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Topo Maps+ helps you get ready to explore.


Trace New Routes

Easily trace new routes right on the map and see the routes distance and elevation profile.

Interact with Trails

Create custom routes from trail networks. The trace will snap to the trails.

Add Waypoints

Create waypoints for your trip before you head out.

Distance & Elevation

Check out the distance and elevation profile along a trail between any two points.

Organize with Tags

Keep everything for you trip organized by simply tagging it.

Share with Friends

Share all of the routes and waypoints for your trip with your friends.

Record Your Tracks

Record your next hike to get the full stats and the exact path of your hike. Topo Maps+ can track the distance, elevation gain & loss, elapsed time, average speed, max speed, and a full elevation profile for recorded tracks.

World Wide Topo Maps

Topo Maps+ can go anywhere you go.

Topo Maps+ has maps for any adventure you want to go on.

  • NRCAN/GEOBC Topo Maps cover southern and western Canada.
  • Glacier Topo is a beautiful world wide topographic map with hiking and biking trails.
  • Thunderforest is a world wide topographic map with hiking, biking, and skiing trails.
  • LINZ Topo Map is the the ultimate backcountry map for New Zealand.
  • Satellite Map lets you see satellite imagery for the entire world.

Progress on Trail

Navigation isn't the only reason to use a map while hiking. Often you want to get an idea for how far you have traveled and how far you have left to go. Should we stop for lunch now or wait until we get to the lake? How much farther do we have left until we get to the top of this brutal up hill? Should we stop here for the night or push on to the next campsite? Using trail segments along with progress along a trail now lets you easily answer these questions without recording your hike. It is awesome (and a bit magical feeling) to have this information while hiking deep in the backcountry.

Photo Overlays

You can see right where you were standing and what direction you were facing when you took a photo right on the map. Photos can be easily turned into waypoints. To remember a location, simply take a picture with your iPhone. Later, you can come back to Topo Maps+ and turn it into a waypoint.

Full iPad Support

Use all of the same features on your iPad and iPhone. Plan your trip on your iPad and then use your data on your iPhone. Topo Maps+ can sync your data between your iPhone and iPad.

Apple Watch

View your offline maps and current location just by glancing down at your wrist. You no longer need to pull your iPhone out of your bag to check your position.

See It In Action

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Subscriptions do not automatically renew, so canceling is hassle free. When your subscription runs out you can continue to use all of your downloaded high resolution maps for free. Subscriptions can be easily purchased right in the app.

Topo Maps+ Free


  • Map & GPS work offline.
  • Download Maps.
  • Interact with over 500,000 trails.
  • Thirteen Low Resolution Maps.
  • Trace new routes.
  • Trail elevation profiles.
  • Add waypoints.
  • Record Hikes.
  • Organize with tags.
  • Print maps
  • Sync your data with your other iOS devices.

Topo Maps+ Map Pass

3 Months 6 Months 12 Months

Everything in Free plus
  • Thirteen high resolution maps.
  • Download unlimited high resolution maps.

Topo Maps+ PRO

3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Everything in Map Pass plus
  • Download larger areas.
  • Progress along trail.
  • Trail segments.
  • Custom routes.
  • My photos overlay.
  • Create waypoints from photos.
  • Public Flickr photo overlay.
  • Map overlays.
  • Grid overlays.
  • Data overlays.
  • Create Regions.

What They Say?

"I want a simple and accurate mapping app I can use when I’m out on the trails, especially in the backcountry and Topo Maps+ has earned a place on my homescreen for this purpose. Topo Maps+ is totally worth downloading and you should do it right now. You won’t regret it."
Full Review

Mathias Eichler

The Outdoor Society

"This is the best app available for topo maps. The UI is clean and well designed, very intuitive. The map choices are great, the service is outstanding, and it has lots of features. Others I've tried are just not as good for the money you spend."

Rocks & Trails Lover

App Store Review

"Topo Maps+ is, quite frankly, the best backpacking mapping application I have found with its overall ability to do everything I could do in my desktop National Geographic Topo! application. I highly recommend it!"
Full Review

Chris Ibbeson


"It’s “real world” usefulness if undeniable. I’ve put it to use on several occasions, planning out search patterns while enroute to the scene, and sending to other team members so that on arrival, they have a detailed picture of what to expect, where they’re going, what they may face, and can also record their progress."
Full Review

Wayne Reimer

Search & Rescue Tech

"As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I can reliably say that the most important feature of Topo Maps+ is its support for offline usage. You can be deep in the woods, far from any cell signal and still use the app to navigate from waypoint to waypoint. Before you hit the trail, just remember to download the maps in advance. You can then use the iPhone's GPS and compass along with the maps in the field."
Full Review

Kelly Hodgkins


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